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Introducing Xand
Build intra-bank or inter-bank settlement networks.True 24/7 real time settlement.
Designed within existing regulations.
Built with proven, cost-effective, and enterprise grade blockchain technology
Member led governance. Network's best interest.

Liquidity. Instantly.

Payments are finalized instantly, freeing up funds that can be used to create opportunities for growth.

Accuracy. Automated.

Automate payment processing and reconciliation to reduce human errors and processing time.‚Äč

Confidential. Private.

Transaction details are protected via zero-knowledge proofs, only accessible to parties of the transaction.

Your tech, finance, and regulatory partners.

Transparent is the developer of Xand, a software solution for real time payments using tokenized deposits, and built with blockchain technology.

Meet our team

Deep software and cryptographic capabilities.

Dedicated to the highest technical, security, and privacy standards and practices.

Interdisciplinary, and experienced product-centric teams.

Extensive legal, regulatory and compliance expertise.