Your bank.Your cash.Tokenized.
Tokenized deposits turn payments and settlement into new revenue streams for your business.

Xand Enterprise

For Banks
Xand Enterprise enables your firm to deploy single- or cross-bank payment networks. Xand integrates on top of your existing cores and tech stack, extending your suite of API offerings for commercial clients.

Xand Cooperative

For Financial Firms and Fintechs
Xand Cooperative gives you the technology and legal framework to own your own payment network, all compliant within today's regulations. Bring your banks, bring your counterparties, and settle in real time.

Offer real time payments capabilities without radical transformation.
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Leverage your existing tech stack.

Xand securely integrates on top your existing cores and APIs to offer new settlement capabilities to your clients.

Tokenized deposits.

No cryptocurrencies or stablecoins involved. Offer programmable access to dollars tokenized at your bank.

Modern blockchain software.

Leverage the inherent advantages of blockchain and cryptography. Benefit from unique Xand features including patent-pending transaction confidentiality.


Permissioned and confidential.

A design that ensures the network is private to its members, and built with the latest proven zero-knowledge cryptography so transactions remain confidential on-chain.

New revenue stream.

Funds in Xand Cooperative networks earn interest, which cover costs and generate rewards for members.

No new counterparties.

With integrations built for major core and BaaS providers, Xand works at your bank. Retain your existing banking relationships and transact directly with your counterparties.

Xandbox is our developer toolkit.
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Test before deploying.

Thoroughly analyze how Xand works, model out setups and integrations, and test configurations before deploying into production.

Easy to use.

Setup is easy, with full operating instructions for custom installations using docker-compose.

State of the art.

Built with Substrate and Rust, Xand is secure and fast, representing state-of-the-art distributed systems engineering.​​

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