It’s your cash.In your control.

Xand cuts out slow and costly intermediaries

Xand's novel trust implementation builds a community of organizations that do business with each other. Transfers between trust members are settled instantly and confidentially using blockchain technology. The on-chain funds are backed 1:1 with assets controlled by the trust and held in the same banks used by the members.

For businesses, the current methods of sending money are broken.

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Checks are cheap but slow

Checks are cheap to send but the time it costs to resolve who sent money for what is expensive for businesses — and that’s on top of the 3-5 days it takes to settle a check.

With Xand payment and settlement is instant — and it comes with the meta data.

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Wires are faster but blind

Does it make you sweat to send millions through a wire? The headache of triple checking account numbers just to send it out into the ether?

With Xand only trusted partners are part of your network, and with our blockchain network you’ll be able to confirm the money has been received instantly.

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Credit cards are fast but expensive


With Xand payments and settlements are free. We stay in business by providing services and receiving a portion of interest.


Existing legal frameworks & regulations.

Xand claims are USD-denominated, digital representations of a limited, contractual right to redeem an equal amount against funds held in trust at participating banks.

Member-led governance.

Network members have shared interests, likely already transact with each other, and can now collectively govern in the network’s best interest.

Modern blockchain software.

Leverage the inherent advantages of blockchain and cryptography, and benefit from unique Xand features including patent-pending transaction confidentiality.

Compatible with existing banks.

Members can retain their banking relationships because Xand uses existing bank APIs to integrate into a network.


Liquidity. Instantly.

Payments are finalized instantly, freeing up funds that can be used to create opportunities for growth.

Accuracy. Automated.

Automate payment processing and reconciliation to reduce human errors and processing time.​

Confidential. Private.

Transaction details are protected via zero-knowledge proofs, only accessible to parties of the transaction.

Xandbox is our developer toolkit.
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Test before deploying.

Thoroughly analyze how Xand works, model out setups and integrations, and test configurations before deploying into production. Learn more from our CTO.

Easy to use.

Setup is easy, with full operating instructions for custom installations using docker-compose.

State of the art.

Built with Substrate and Rust, Xand is secure and fast, representing state-of-the-art distributed systems engineering.​​

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