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Introducing Xand
Open to financial firms. Cross bank compatible.True 24/7 real time settlement.
Designed within existing regulations.
Built with blockchain software with patent-pending features.
Member led governance. Network's best interest.

Liquidity. Instantly.

Payments are finalized instantly, freeing up funds that can be used to create opportunities for growth.

Accuracy. Automated.

Automate payment processing and reconciliation to reduce human errors and processing time.​

Confidential. Private.

Transaction details are protected via zero-knowledge proofs, only accessible to parties of the transaction.

Made for institutional trading firms.

Unlock liquidity and cashflow on a bank agnostic, truly 24/7 real-time payment network without adding new risks.

Explore Xand Alpha

Confidential and Private.

Built with the latest proven cryptography so transactions remain confidential and a design that ensures the network is private for its members.

Existing regulations.

Xand Alpha is designed to operate within existing financial parameters and regulations.

No new counterparties.

Current trading counterparties join Xand Alpha together as members. Each firm can retain existing banking relationships. Members collectively govern how Xand Alpha operates.

Programmable digital dollars.

Settlement transactions backed by dollars digitized by network members. Members retain control of funds in member-owned trust accounts until transaction is sent to counterparty.​

Generate interest.

Funds in Xand Alpha earn interest, which cover costs and generate rewards for users.

Your tech, finance, and regulatory partners.

Our highly collaborative team of cryptographers, regulatory thought-leaders, and financial-system specialists, as well as world-class software and hardware engineers, are here to help you every step of the way.

Meet our team

Extensive legal, regulatory and compliance expertise.

Deep software and cryptographic capabilities.

Dedicated to the highest technical, security, and privacy standards and practices.

Interdisciplinary, and experienced product-centric teams.